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Dinner with Dex (Trailer)

When DEX catches up with AVA in this dark comedy set in the post #metoo era, he grows increasingly perplexed, and then threatened by the change in his former colleague.

With neither willing to give an inch, memories and clashing perspectives are rehashed over an increasingly awkward and riotously absurd dinner.

Faltering in his machismo, Dex’s next move leads him to a space of self-reflection he finds equally distasteful and hard to swallow.

Written, Directed & Produced by Olivia Cheng

Produced by Stephen Huszar & David Bercovici-Artieda


Patrick Saboguini “Dex”

Dianne Doan “Ava Pham”

Giles Panton “Giles the Waiter”

Danny Wattley “Chad”

Adrian Hough “Steve”

Romeo Reyes “Quinn”

Michael Bean “Johan”

Michael Karl Richards “Rogers”

Dinner with Dex IMDb

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